Toss for Tots New Venue
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September 8th 2016
5:30PM - 10PM
Columbia Yacht Club
111 N Lake Shore Dr
Chicago, IL
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Who We Are

The Lazy Volunteer began as a "grass roots" desire by a group of
individuals that wanted to make a difference and give back to the
community. While the name of the organization is unique, its origin is far
from what it suggests.

“The Lazy Volunteer” came from the concern that simply writing a check
and forgetting about the true need of a cause was somehow replacing
actual volunteering. While the monetary donation is always important
and very much appreciated, getting people actively involved in the
community is essential to an organization’s prosperity.

The goal of our organization is to give back to the community through fun
and creative ways that also helps promote and encourage others to
become and remain active in their communities.
Columbia Yacht Club